A downloadable game for Windows

A Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic game that takes place in space specifically created for the Cultural Heritage Game Jam (2021). A limited number of human survivors face extinction, as they struggle to secure the few remaining historical objects that define human culture and prove human existence.

CHGJ Team Name: Night Wolf

Members (1):

Remon Ramy (Game Developer / Producer)

All credits and license information are included in-game.

Award Eligibility Notice: Many 3rd party Art and Music assets were used in this project. 


Legacy-AlphaV0.07.rar 984 MB

Install instructions

Unpack the .rar archive, then run Legacy.exe.


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nice game its just hella laggyw

Hey! I've been really stressed out trying to finish this for the jam, barely got time to optimize! Sorry about that, and I'm glad you liked it! I might work on optimizing it for a smoother experience.